What is Reupholstery?

Re-upholstery put simply is the process of taking the upholstery off your existing furniture and replacing it with a new upholstery weight fabric. However, simple isn’t a word you would use to describe the skill and art form that is re-upholstery.

If your furniture is still good quality, has sentimental value, is damaged, or you just fancy a change, re-upholstery could be the answer. Re-upholstery is the perfect way to innovate, repair and renew your favourite furniture without losing the original style you once loved.

Re-upholstery is not simply re-covering the original material. The furniture is stripped right down to the wooden frame itself, for inspection from top to bottom. Upon inspection, where necessary, repairs will be made to the frame, joints, webbing, springs, foam, padding, etc. To ensure the chair is as comfortable and sturdy as it was when it was first made. Once all of the insides are repaired, this is when your furniture is re-upholstered with a fabric that you have chosen.

Below we have included a stage by stage guide of the re-upholstery process from start to finish. We really want to impress upon you the incredible amount of work that goes into the rejuvenation of your furniture.

BEFORE – the original chair, looking old and slightly worn.

BEFORE – The decorative beading was falling off.

BEFORE – Even the back was battered, and nobody sits here!

The chair was stripped down to the main frame…

… to reveal tired, old and uncomfortable foam …

… with weathered arms and a poor seat platform.

So, the foam was taken off and the platform cut and re-tightened.







The insides are perfected & the main base is re-covered with new material.

The cushion, in a different material, creating a nice contrast.

Finally, the finished product – because, what is a new chair, without a matching decorative cushion? And the best part is, it’s still your old chair but with a new lease of life!