Famous Atherstone Ball Game ball made in town for the first time in 36 years!

Our very own, Peter Smith, proprietor of Innova Upholstery, has made the ball for the 2018 game.

Peter Smith (left) with the 2018 Atherstone Ball, Rob Bernard (right) with one of the last balls to be made in Atherstone


The Atherstone Ball Game takes place every year on Shrove Tuesday. The event has been celebrated for centuries – since the 12th Century, to be exact!

The game itself is a traditional free-for-all, with only two rules. Rule 1: the ball cannot be taken outside of the town. Rule 2: the players are not allowed to kill each other!

At exactly 15:00 the ball is thrown out from the highest window of Barclays Bank, by one of Atherstone’s local celebrities. The ball is then fought for, until 16:30, by kicking it up and down the small, main street of Atherstone. At 16:30 the ball is kicked one last time and the players then fight for victory.

Whoever is holding the ball at 17:00 when the famous bell is rang, is crowned the winner.

This year, for the first time in 36 years the ball has been made in Atherstone – something for Innova’s proprietor, Peter, to be proud of.

Peter stated whilst making the ball “My Grandfather¬†would be proud” –¬†Peter’s grandfather Trainer Everitt (pictured below), won the ballgame five or six times!

The Ball Game is a great tradition in Atherstone, loved by everyone.